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Worried About the Equifax Breach? Here Are Some Tips

After the massive Equifax data breach, you might want to take proactive measures to check your credit history and prevent your identity from being stolen. Equifax’s measures to protect consumers in the aftermath of the breach have rightly been criticized, from setting up a site that asked for even more sensitive personal information, to sending consumers to an erroneous website, to charging them money to put a credit freeze on their accounts. Given the enormous size of the theft, many [...]


Barcelona Attacks Not Affecting Gold or Markets

The terrorist attack in Barcelona may have shaken up Europe, but its effects on US markets appeared to be negligible. The Dow was down over 274 points, posting its biggest one-day loss in over three months. Domestic concerns seemed to be the primary cause for that, however, with disappointing business earnings numbers distressing investors. Further concerns over shakeups within the Trump Administration, particularly the possibility that National Economic Council director Gary Cohn could resign, had investors spooked. Gold was up [...]