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Beginner’s Guide
January 19, 2024

Beginner’s Guide to a Gold IRA

Everyone wants their retirement portfolios to perform, but along with the prospect of gains comes the risk of loss Protecting your portfolio can mean not only making smart investment choices but also...

2 min read
May 23, 2024

Is China Driving the Gold Market Today?

The latter half of the 20th century was dominated by the Cold War, the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union While the USSR’s collapse brought about a feeling in the United States...

4 min read
May 16, 2024

First Shadow Banks, Now Shadow Debt?

One of the problems facing markets today is that many market actors believe that federal policymakers and regulators have the ability to fix the economy They have placed their trust in the Federal...

5 min read
May 9, 2024

3 Reasons Stagflation Could Return

More than anything else, stagflation defined the 1970s The portmanteau of stagnation and inflation was an economic catastrophe that completely dumbfounded the mainstream economic establishment at the...

5 min read
Federal Reserve
April 30, 2024

Markets Look to Fed as Rate Cut Hopes Fade

Only about four or five months ago everyone expected that this week would be the week that the Federal Reserve would finally cut interest rates Rates would fall, stock markets would shoot to the sky,...

4 min read
April 18, 2024

War’s Effects on Gold, Oil, and Markets

If you had told someone at the beginning of 2022 that Russia would invade Ukraine, they wouldn’t have believed you The idea that in this day and age any country would just unilaterally attack...

4 min read

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