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July 7, 2022

On Inflation, Can the US Learn From Zimbabwe?

Hardly anyone likes inflation Unless you’re a big-time debtor like the US government, you understand how destructive inflation can be It erodes the value of your money, reduces your standard of...

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Federal Reserve
January 11, 2022

The Fed Is Lagging More Than Usual

When it comes to monetary policy, one thing that is almost certain is that monetary policy actions will always lag The effects of monetary policy actions won’t be felt for weeks or even months And...

5 min read
Federal Reserve
December 14, 2021

All Eyes on the Federal Reserve This Week

This week promises to be another interesting one for markets, as all eyes will be on the Federal Open Market Committee as it holds its final meeting for the year While the end of the year is normally...

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Central Banks
August 24, 2021

Central Banks Continuing to Buy Gold

If you listen to central bankers’ public comments, they love to talk about how sound and secure their currencies are To them, loose monetary policy is nothing to worry about Just trust that the...

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