Chad Benson: Gold From a Different Perspective

Chad Benson: Gold From a Different Perspective

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Chad Benson here. In my previous post, I talked about the various benefits of precious metal investments like gold and silver and why I personally believe investing today is the smartest choice you can make for your future. In this post, I want to discuss the benefits of gold from a different perspective…

When we talk about gold, especially nowadays, people focus on how they can protect themselves if the world “falls apart.” This is where I’m going to be completely honest with you, the world is not coming to an end. In fact, should something absolutely horrific happen to us there won’t be a need for currency or gold or anything else. So, this is why I want to take investing in gold in a different direction. Gold and precious metals are indeed a great way to protect yourself on the downside of a market that is completely overbought and ready for a sell-off. Investing in gold reaps benefits for long term.

All Investors Should Have Gold in a Portion of Their Portfolio

Every smart investor no matter how big or how small should have a piece of their portfolio in gold. By diversifying your portfolio, you are protecting yourself against economic twists. So, as we think about what we do to diversify our portfolios we need to start looking at the reality of using gold to not only hedge the downside and a market term but use that downside to also make it a profitable side by owning tangible gold.

Having been a broker on both the commodity side and the physical gold side, I understand how both marketplaces work. Not having some portion of your portfolio in the physical side of gold is a mistake, especially in an over-inflated market. In fact, many investors realize the stock market is completely overbought and ready to be sold off.

So why is having tangible assets in your portfolio a smart idea? First, gold is a very stabilizing factor for your portfolio. Second, when the dollar weakens and panic sets off, having gold in your portfolio will hedge against the downfall. You will see positive returns in your investments as opposed to other paper assets that fell in value.  

Look at Gold From a Different Perspective

This is why I am asking you to start looking at gold in a much different way and start to look at the markets and the world’s events as an opportunity rather than fear. Great investors thrive off of uncertainty and fear and this is how owning gold can be both a stabilizing influence for your retirement accounts.

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