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January 6, 2022

The Outlook for Gold and Silver in 2022

New years are a time for new beginnings It’s time to look back on the last year, assess performance, and figure out how we can do better this year That’s especially true for savers and investors,...

4 min read
November 4, 2021

Increasing Demand Could Boost the Silver Price

One of the issues facing the purchase of any sort of asset is the uncertainty of its price Every purchaser or investor hopes to buy low and sell high, but it doesn’t always work out that way And...

4 min read
June 10, 2021

Silver Shortages Should Boost Silver Price

In the world of precious metals there are generally two types of investors: those who want to hold and own the metals themselves, and those who just want to benefit financially from ownership of...

4 min read
May 13, 2021

Will 2021 Be the Year Silver Really Shines?

If you’re a precious metals investor, you’re probably hoping that gold and silver will take off in price soon, boosting the value of your precious metals IRA If you haven’t invested in precious...

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