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Ron Paul On National Debt Effect

One of the major issues facing the United States country is the national debt. It’s currently at nearly $20 trillion and growing every day. And while politicians have railed against the debt for decades, it continues to increase. You may think, this isn’t my debt, it’s the government’s debt and it doesn’t affect me. But is that true?

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Stocks Sink Worldwide As Safe Havens Rally

Stock markets have been on pins and needles the past several days as more and more bad news continues to leak out of the White House. From allegations of passing intelligence to the Russian Foreign Minister, to the ongoing search for a new FBI director, to reports of a major shakeup of senior White House staff, news reports coming out of Washington nowadays almost read more like soap operas than news.

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Ron Paul on Dangers of Inflation

“Planning for a retirement that’s 10, 20, or 30 years in the future is difficult enough, but it’s even more difficult when you can’t anticipate how severe or how frequent market corrections will be. Wouldn’t it be nice to be to able to plan for your retirement and know that your assets will be protected in any eventuality?”