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Announcing a Partnership Between Goldco and Ron Paul

“Goldco’s mission is to provide an economic safeguard against impending financial crises through the use of gold and silver IRAs. The company helps prepare its customers for retirement and ensure that their savings are protected against inflation, market volatility, and other negative factors once they retire. As a former Congressman and Presidential candidate who has long preached the value of holding gold and silver assets, I agree with this mission.” -Ron Paul, former presidential candidate.

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End-of-April Government Shutdown Might Impact Economy and Personal Investments Immediately

It’s not new knowledge that U.S. debt management is somewhat out of control, but amid so many urgent economic and geo-political stories, investors might not realize that the U.S. debt ceiling suspension expired as of March 16. With the clock — and the dollars — ticking away by the minute, Congress doesn’t have a lot of time to act to head off a possibly disastrous economic tidal wave.

inflation portfolio

Inflation and Its Effects on Your Portfolio

Inflation is a major drain on investment portfolios — and indeed, almost any other financial product. Many people don’t understand fully how inflation works, so it’s often ignored. However, when a portfolio doesn’t get sufficient return, it can wind up being worth substantially less than you think in actual terms, making it important to pay attention to pressures like inflation.

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Why Gold and Silver Are Climbing and What That Means for Investors

Our economy is very much governed by its surroundings. The announcement of a federal interest rate hike often causes the stock market to decline, even before it goes into effect. News of Brexit last year caused both the pound and the euro to plummet in value, even though Britain was still nearly a year away from taking even the first steps towards actually leaving the EU.

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Is Gold The Best Form of Money?

Through the years, money has been represented by beads, stones, metals or glass, depending on the culture. It was a way to barter for goods without needing to actually store and transport those goods immediately. The concept of money became particularly useful related to perishable goods, such as food.

401 withdrawal

Early Withdrawal From a 401(k): What Happens?

Saving for retirement can seem somewhat expensive, and when you’re in dire straits, it can be very tempting to raid your 401(k) to pay off credit card bills or pocket funds that are already in your retirement account. However, this has serious consequences on retirement income, and it’s not so good for the companies that maintain these investment vehicles, either.

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Largest Bomb in U.S. Arsenal Could Make Economic Waves

GBU-43/B, also called “mother of all bombs” or MOAB, has been dropped in Afghanistan, marking a dramatic change in the way the current administration plans to conduct operations in the area. While the weapon was planned for use on the Iraqi battlefield, it was never used as there was limited resistance there. The bomb was likely dropped in response to the death of a U.S. special forces operative in the same area.