The Rich Are Getting Richer – The Rest of Us Aren’t

The Rich Are Getting Richer – The Rest of Us Aren’t

If you feel like your cost of living is increasing but your salary isn’t keeping pace, you’re not alone. The median American household’s inflation-adjusted income hasn’t budged in 20 years. But life is getting more expensive, with food, education, and healthcare costs continuing to rise above the rate of inflation. And with Americans terrified of losing their money in yet another stock market crash, how can the average person get ahead?

Most Americans think of investing as the best way to accumulate wealth and save for retirement. Whether it’s investing in stocks and bonds, real estate, or gold and silver, they know that investing is the only way to grow their wealth.

Merely socking money away into a savings account won’t make you money. It actually causes your purchasing power to decline over the long run due to inflation. But with stock markets showing signs of weakness, what choices do investors have to grow their wealth?

Stock markets have been lackluster over the past 20 years, only growing at about 5% annualized rates over that period. And with another stock market crash imminent, stock market performance is about to take another huge hit.

Contrast that with gold, which has grown at a 9% annualized rate over the past 20 years, nearly double that of stock markets. And by investing in gold, investors don’t have to wonder whether there money will still be there 20 years from now. Gold in the vault is far more secure than stocks and bonds that can lose their value and become worthless almost overnight.

With the 1% growing their wealth by leaps and bounds while the median American household remains at just the same spot it was 20 years ago, it’s more difficult than ever for the average American to keep up. But by investing in gold, American investors can close that gap and secure themselves a brighter financial future.

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