Gold Prices

Gold Prices in the USA

Gold has long been a form of currency around the world. The first known gold coins were found in Asia Minor and were said to have been made around 600 B.C. Gold is a highly sought after metal that has many applications including jewelry, investments, and manufacturing. Gold prices fluctuate daily just like any other investment and there are many tools that can be used to track gold prices.

Tracking the Price of Gold in USA

There are two ways to track the price of gold. The first way of tracking prices is by looking at spot prices of gold. The spot price of gold is the price at which you can buy and sell physical gold. The other way to track gold prices is by looking at gold futures. Gold futures are the spot price of gold for a date in the future.

This is the most common way of tracking the price of gold.

Spot Pricing

Spot pricing of gold can be found easily by doing a quick Google search. The price of gold is affected by many different factors so the pricing changes constantly.

  • The price of gold can change from second to second.
  • The price and value of gold are determined by supply and demand, world conflicts, and the overall global economy.
  • The amount of gold you are trading also makes a difference. The more gold you are trading, the higher your spot price will be.

Futures Pricing

  • Futures are used as a hedge to balance portfolios against inflation in the currencies market.
  • Gold futures are very volatile and sometimes just as volatile as the stock market.
  • Investing in futures is not for the novice investor.

When investing in gold it is best to buy low and sell high as with any investment. Gold is always a good investment especially when trying to diversify assets and holdings.