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Gold IRA Coins

Investing in gold is not a new concept. Gold is a time tested store of wealth that has been used as a form of currency for thousands of years. The passage of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1975 led to the formation of the Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (Self Directed IRA). Self Directed IRAs allow individuals to roll over a portion of their retirement accounts into certain types gold and other precious metals (silver, platinum, palladium), as well as other alternative investments. Precious metals appeal to investors due to their time-tested stability. Over time, the value of precious metals rises with inflation so many consider them to be a hedge against a weakening dollar. In addition, gold is a popular investment when market volatility is high, measured by the VIX index.

Reasons to Stock Up On IRA Eligible Gold

People everywhere are turning to physical gold investments as a way to protect themselves from stock market crashes and economic instability. Gold is always in demand, no matter what its current value. When the value of the dollar falls and consumer confidence is at a low, demand for gold increases; gold is a currency hedge and it can be used as a method of portfolio diversification and has a history of maintaining its value.

What gold IRA coins can I invest in?

While commemorative coins will appeal to some collectors, they are not eligible to be placed in IRAs. The gold you place in your IRA needs to meet certain quality guidelines. Gold that you already hold in your possession is also not eligible to be added to your IRA. Our Goldco gold IRA does not allow investments in Gold ETFs or similar types of paper backed investments. Gold ETFs appeal to some investors due to their convenience and ease of trading, but there are many drawbacks. First of all, when you invest in Gold ETFs, you do not own any gold at all! You own shares in an investment firm that holds gold. While this may be convenient, you are dealing with a middle man and at the end of the day, this is a paper backed investment rather than a hard asset. If you’re buying gold as a hedge against a market collapse, an ETF is part of the market itself and holds the same risks as other paper backed assets.

In order to qualify for your IRA,

  • The gold must have a fineness of .999, or 99.9% purity
  • Your gold must be held by your custodian in a secure depository. We do not recommend home storage due to IRS regulations.  Some companies will advertise the ability to store your Gold IRA at home but this is highly risky and could lead to the IRS knocking on your door. We do offer the ability to purchase gold coins for your home collection, but these don’t count towards your IRA.
  • IRA Contribution Limits apply
  • If you already own gold in your possession, you cannot add that gold to your IRA but you are more than welcome to open a gold IRA and purchase new gold to add.
  • Your Goldco precious metal expert can mail you a free guide with detailed photographs and descriptions of the IRA eligible coins that we offer. Just fill out the request a free guide form on the right-hand side of the page and we will be in contact with you.

Things to consider –

  • Gold bars are appealing to many investors, but they are in reality worth only their weight in gold. There are many coins that have higher resale value due to limited mintage. The rarer the coin, the higher the resale value down the line. Goldco offers a number of coins that have limited mintage to help you build your portfolio. Some of our most popular gold IRA coins are the Gold UK Lunar Year of the Rooster and the Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile.
  • Physical gold is not something you should expect quick gains with, although a sharp market decline or rising volatility indexes are often a predictor for a coming increase in the price of gold. Take time to consult with your Goldco representative on what your best investment options are, your goals, expected retirement, and they can help you build a plan.
  • If you have any questions about if a coin is eligible or not, do not hesitate to reach out. The IRS has strict rules about what types of coins are allowed and we have been in helping our customers secure their retirement portfolios for over 11 years and have stellar reviews across multiple consumer sites.

Gold IRA Coins

Gold IRAs cannot hold numismatic or graded coins, but gold IRA coins or bullion. Adding each type of gold to your IRA or retirement fund is approved by the IRS. Your Goldco IRA expert will present you the various options in eligible coins.

Call the our Gold IRA experts at 855-GOLD-IRA (855-465-3472) to learn more about the rules for transfers, rollovers and contributions to your retirement account. It only takes three easy steps to get started. Now you can take control of your financial security by owning physical gold in your IRA.

Eligible Gold IRA Coins

Gold American Eagle

Gold American Eagle coins have been minted since 1986 in bullion and proof versions. Uncirculated coins have been minted since 2006. The value is dependent on the whatever the current gold market value is, rather than their face value. Roman Numerals are featured on Gold American Eagle coins that were produced between 1986 and 1991. Arabic numbers replaced Roman Numerals in 1992 under the U.S. Mint’s control. Mintage for the one-ounce coins stood at 1,362,650 in their first year of minting. By 2016, the number stood at 655,000.

Gold American Eagle Proof

This coin is an uncirculated series. They are never touched by human hands and are struck with extra precision.

Signed in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan, The Gold Bullion Coin Act enabled the production of Gold American Eagle coins. Only a limited number of Proof American Eagles are minted each year.

Other IRA Eligible Gold Coins

Your Goldco IRA expert can present a complete list of all eligible metals in precious metals IRAs.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Issued every year by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Gold Arctic Fox

Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Gold Vienna Philharmonic

First minted in 1989 by the Austrian Mint.

Gold American Buffalo

This coin was designed after the first nickel coin released in 1913.

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