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How Your Social Security May Change in 2020

Millions of American retirees receive Social Security payments each month. And while Social Security wasn’t intended to be the sole source of retirement income for retired Americans, many people rely on Social Security for some or even all of their income in retirement. That may be due to poor performance of their investments, losing their pension as their company declares bankruptcy, or for any number of other reasons. And for those who depend on Social Security, there are changes [...]

Tesla Stock Price Demonstrates Just How Big the Stock Market Bubble Is

It seems as though South African inventor and billionaire Elon Musk has been the darling of Silicon Valley for years. His vision for the future has certainly helped drive the popularity of Tesla’s cars, and his ideas for solar panels and space travel certainly mark him in the minds of many as a visionary. But while Teslas may be popular, the company’s stock price is what has made Musk really popular. Stock funds that have invested in Tesla have [...]

3 Reasons the Silver Price Will Explode

The stage has been set for 2020 to be the year for precious metals to make a big bull run. With the potential for conflict in the Middle East, jittery stock markets, and a Federal Reserve that’s engaging in more monetary easing, this year should see increased demand for gold and silver. Many investors remember the great precious metals bull run that ensued after the financial crisis, with gold pushing to $1,900 and silver pushing to nearly $50 an ounce. [...]

Corporate Executives Think Stock Markets Are Overvalued… As They Continue Buying Back Stock

It’s no secret that corporate stock buybacks are one of the primary drivers behind high-flying stock markets in recent years. Over the past decade, corporations have been the largest net buyers of stock, continuing to buy back more and more stock and driving prices through the roof. And even though most corporate CFOs now think that stock markets are completely overvalued, they’re expected to continue the trend this year too. There are a number of reasons behind the corporate stock [...]