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China's economy is slowing

3 Reasons China’s Economy Is Weakening and How That Will Benefit Gold

China’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, with many economists speculating that it could overtake the US economy as the world’s largest within 15 years. But that facade of enormous growth is hiding some real structural problems that could seriously weaken the Chinese economy in the near future. Here are three of the most pressing problems. 1. Mountains of Debt China is one of the most indebted countries in the world, both in terms [...]

Passive investing could make the next crash worse

Passive Investing and the Coming Crash

By now it’s clear to many people that stock markets are on the verge of a major decline. But what is scaring many investors is the prospect of a severe crash. While the financial crisis of 2008 was bad, stock markets “only” lost a little over 50% of their value. Were we to experience another market crash like the Great Depression, we could see losses of over 90%. That would devastate every investor in this country, from biggest to [...]

Gold demand in the UK is rising

Forbes Says Political Uncertainty in Britain Driving Gold Price, Sales Up

Original article written by Heather Farmbrough and published on on January 16, 2019. One of the reasons gold is so highly recommended as an asset is because of its international appeal. Investors around the world flock to gold as a safe haven asset, which provides a constant prop to gold’s price. Now that the UK is potentially going to exercise its right to leave the EU, gold demand in Britain is skyrocketing. Thanks to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, one popular online [...]

An independent Fed is dangerous

The Dangers of an Independent Federal Reserve System

While Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is widely regarded by markets as having caved in to President Trump and having agreed to tone down the Fed’s rate hikes in 2019, some of his other statements have been less well publicized. Among them was his assertion that he would not step down from his position if asked by the President. That’s a dangerous sign of a Federal Reserve System that sees itself as unaccountable to anyone but itself. It’s important to [...]