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How Much Money Do You Think You’ll Make in Stocks Over the Next 10 Years?

A key part in investors’ decision-making processes when deciding on what to invest in is how much they can expect to gain over the long term. Most investors are really only passive investors, buying assets and holding on to them for years, rarely making major changes to their investments, and only reallocating assets within their portfolios every 5-10 years as they grow closer to retirement. For years investors have been told that stocks are the way to go if they [...]

If Warren Buffett Is Getting Out of Stocks, Shouldn’t You Too?

There has probably never been a bigger cheerleader for stock markets than US billionaire Warren Buffett. The legendary investor and CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway has always been one to speak his mind, and in his mind stocks are the only way to grow wealth. Buffett isn’t shy about putting his trust in stock markets and is always looking for a good deal. That’s why Berkshire Hathaway’s recent moves are leading many to question whether stocks are really [...]

A Growing Number of Baby Boomers Are Overexposed to Stocks: Are You One of Them?

With stock markets reaching another record high this week, albeit just barely, even those who strongly believe that a recession is just around the corner are beginning to have second thoughts. That’s only natural, as stock markets have been essentially in a holding pattern for nearly two years. After breaking through multiple thousand-point barriers beginning in 2016 and moving into 2017, the Dow Jones has had to really struggle over the past two years to gain another 1,000 points. Watching [...]

Set of palladium ingots

Determine Palladium Price vs. Gold Price and Which Is Best for Your Investments

While gold may be the best known and most popular precious metal for investors, some investors may be looking for something more. Gold’s performance is almost boringly stable over the long term, which is great for investors looking to maintain the value of their investments over a period of time. But sometimes precious metals investors want to make significant short-term gains too. That’s where other precious metals can play an important role in diversifying investors’ portfolios and helping them [...]