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Negative interest rates are coming

What Effect Will Negative Interest Rates Have on Your Retirement?

The past decade has seen interest rates at historically low levels for the longest period of time ever. The effect that has had on the economy has been enormous, with governments, corporations, and households all taking on massive amounts of debt in order to take advantage of low borrowing costs. But despite interest rates being so low, economic performance has been subpar. The economic recovery in both the United States and Europe has been one of the weakest in history. [...]

401k text stacked on coins

How Much Should I Contribute to My 401(k)?

Saving and investing for retirement isn’t something that many people are familiar with until they’re thrust into the workplace and forced to make investment decisions for themselves. No one takes classes on retirement planning, it isn’t taught in high school, and even most parents don’t sit down with their children and go through the essential elements of saving and investing for retirement. That can make the actual decisions that go into retirement planning very daunting. Some of the most common [...]

The US National Debt in Perspective

The United States government’s national debt stands today at an astronomical $22.6 trillion. Everyone knows that’s a huge amount of money, but the sum is so large that it just boggles the mind and can be difficult to conceptualize. So here are a few ways of thinking about the national debt that will put it into perspective to help you realize just how large it is. National Debt vs. GDP The national debt now exceeds the entire gross domestic product of [...]

Bank of America Makes the Case for Buying Gold

There’s an increasingly compelling case that the gold market we’re seeing right now is in the very early stages of a break-out bull market that will rival the performance gold saw from 2008 to 2011. That bull market saw gold rise from under $1,000 to nearly $2,000 by its peak. And with gold starting its bull market run at nearly $1,300 this year, by the time this market reaches its peak we should see gold over $2,000, with $2,500 [...]