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Will the Yield Curve Indicate a Recession Once Again?

One key indicator of the economy’s health that economists and financial market observers look at is the yield curve. In particular, they look at the spread between the yield on 2-year Treasury bonds and 10-year Treasury bonds. As the difference between the yield on those two maturities narrows, the yield curve is said to be flattening. And in some cases the yield on the 2-year bond exceeds that of the 10-year bond, in which case the yield curve is [...]

Job Growth Seems Strong, But How Does That Reflect on the Economy?

There’s a tendency, when looking at economic data, to look at aggregate measures and use them as proxies to determine the health of the economy. When looking at job numbers, for example, it’s tempting to look at figures for the total number of jobs, number of employment openings, and the unemployment rate to figure out how healthy the economy is. If you do that, you’d figure that the economy is pretty healthy right now. The unemployment rate is at a [...]

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Passive Investing Doesn’t Mean Being a Passive Investor

One of the most popular investing strategies today, and one that’s growing more popular all the time, is passive investing. It’s a strategy that focuses on investing in low-cost funds that track popular stock indices, such as the S&P 500, the Russell 2000, the Wilshire 5000, etc. Rather than trying to beat markets through active stock-picking, the passive funds merely try to match the performance of markets. Many advocates of passive investing also urge investors to maintain a buy [...]

The Founders Had It Right When It Comes to Gold and Silver

Last week marked the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which began one of the greatest experiments in liberty the world has ever seen. But while we can see with hindsight how successful the American Revolution was, there were a number of times when it came perilously close to failure. Learning their lesson, the Founding Fathers sought to create a Constitution that would ensure that those mistakes would never be repeated. One of the primary reasons [...]