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Gold is in a long-term bull market

Forbes: Gold Bull Market to Last Until At Least 2030

Investors who have been in gold markets for a while understand that the gold price is often quite cyclical. Like other markets, it can experience price rises and falls even while its overall trend is upward. Now an investing expert who called gold’s bear market has come out proclaiming that gold’s bull market has at least another decade to run. Yes, gold may be trading off its all-time highs, but it still is in the middle of a 20-year bull [...]

China Gearing Up for All-Out Trade War With United States

If President Trump thought that enacting tariffs on all imports of Chinese goods would bring China back to the negotiating table, he seriously and severely miscalculated. Not only did China retaliate by increasing tariffs on $60 billion worth of imports from the United States, but it also is digging in its heels and refusing to buckle. To hear Chinese state news tell it, the trade war has escalated from a nuisance that would raise prices on consumers to an [...]

Winning the Lottery Isn’t a Viable Retirement Plan

The past year has seen some really large and nearly record-breaking sums of money won in lotteries. From the $1.5 billion won in Mega Millions in October 2018 to the $768 million won in Powerball in March 2019, many Americans have gotten excited thinking about the things they could do with all that money. Yet despite all that wishful thinking, you would think that most Americans would realize that the odds of winning the lottery are incredibly small, about 1 [...]

Gold Price Rises on Safe Haven Trading: How Much Further Will It Go?

With President Trump’s revelation that he intends to place tariffs on all imports of Chinese goods, markets went haywire earlier this week. While tariffs on existing imports are rising to 25%, all Chinese imports will soon be subject to punitive tariffs. That will raise the cost of living not just for American consumers but for American businesses as well. With that money essentially being a tax for purchasing Chinese goods, Americans of all stripes will end up spending more [...]