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Is Silver a Good Investment?

For centuries silver, not gold, was the precious metal of ordinary commerce. Numerous currencies, from the mark to the pound to the dollar, were defined as weights of silver. From Europe to China to the New World, silver coins were the currency of choice. Silver defined what it was to be cold, hard cash. That continuous demand over centuries hasn’t abated, as investors today trust silver just as much as gold to protect their wealth when they really need to. [...]

Famous Financial Expert Urges People to Invest in Silver

If you pay attention to financial media you’ve probably heard of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” The author, Robert Kiyosaki, has made a killing selling books and giving talks espousing his theory of investing. But while much of his focus has been on getting people to shed their concepts of how to get rich and embrace alternative methods of wealth accumulation, a lesser-known aspect of his philosophy is the belief that investing in gold and silver is one of the [...]

What’s More Likely: A Social Security Cut or Fix?

Despite the reams of retirement planning advice out there, there will always be some people, many through no fault of their own, who are unable to save enough money to retire comfortably. That was the impetus behind the creation of the Social Security System, to provide a backstop so that those whose retirement savings were insufficient would have an additional source of funds available to them in retirement so that they would not become indigent. Unfortunately, over the years more [...]


What Are the Advantages of a Gold or Silver IRA?

All investors want their retirement portfolios to perform well and make money for them, but in the back of their minds they understand that their portfolios can be subject to huge losses. That’s why many of the most successful investors over time are those who protect their portfolios from major losses, not necessarily those who make the biggest gains. One of the time-honored ways to protect investment and retirement portfolios is by investing in gold and silver. Investors have sought [...]