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US and Chinese dollars

China to Issue $2 Billion in Dollar-Denominated Debt

The Chinese government just recently announced plans to issue $2 billion in dollar-denominated debt, its first dollar-denominated debt issuance since 2004. With countries such as Iran, Russia, and Venezuela turning to the yuan both for political reasons as well as for oil sales, and with the yuan’s recent inclusion in the IMF’s basket of currencies that make up Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), China’s sudden decision to issue dollar-denominated debt is puzzling. But delving a little deeper show that, paradoxically, [...]

Mexican Silver Libertad

Mexican Congressmen Propose Monetization of Silver Libertad Coin

A group of Congressmen in Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies recently held a forum to propose the monetization of the Mexican Silver Libertad one ounce silver coin. The monetization of silver in Mexico has been a favorite project of Mexican businessman Hugo Salinas Price for years, and the idea continues to enjoy support among some members of Mexico’s political class. Supporters of silver monetization within Mexico claim that a silver monetary unit would help many Mexicans to save money. Looking at [...]

Equifax logo

Worried About the Equifax Breach? Here Are Some Tips

After the massive Equifax data breach, you might want to take proactive measures to check your credit history and prevent your identity from being stolen. Equifax’s measures to protect consumers in the aftermath of the breach have rightly been criticized, from setting up a site that asked for even more sensitive personal information, to sending consumers to an erroneous website, to charging them money to put a credit freeze on their accounts. Given the enormous size of the theft, many [...]

Trump Tax Plan

Uncertainty Over President Trump’s Tax Reform Plans

President Trump claimed today that rich Americans will “not be gaining at all” from his proposed tax reform plan. That runs counter to many analyses of the tax reform plans he campaigned on as a candidate, which found that the rich would in fact benefit. The devil, of course, is in the details, but this statement leads to speculation that key details of the tax reform plan may have changed, which could be bad news for investors and businesses. Capital [...]