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Gold forecast to cross 1400 level

Wall Street Analysts Increase Gold Price Forecasts; $1,400 Per Ounce by End of 2019

Most Wall Street analysts are a pretty conservative bunch when it comes to predicting the price of gold. Since Wall Street firms can’t make the same money from trading gold that they can from trading stocks, bonds, currencies, and other commodities, they tend to downplay the importance of gold in investment portfolios and predict prices for gold that are lower than they are likely to really be. Enter the analysts at Commerzbank, who earlier this year predicted that gold would [...]

FOMC meeting this week

Investors Eagerly Awaiting Outcome of FOMC Meeting

This week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting will be one of the most highly-observed in recent years, as markets look to discern whether or not the Fed will continue to raise interest rates this year. The FOMC statement is probably going to be of less importance this time around than the press conference and the summary of economic projections that will be released. Journalists will have a chance to press Fed Chairman Jay Powell on the direction of Fed [...]

Gold plays an important role in portfolio diversification

Portfolio Diversification Is Necessary to Keep Your Assets Safe Into Retirement

Read any articles about the financial well-being of American households and it’s clear that they don’t paint a pretty picture. Nearly 80% of households live paycheck to paycheck, with limited ability to save money for retirement or even for an emergency. Even though the average household has just under $9,000 in the bank, over 60% of households would have difficulty paying for an unexpected $1,000 expense. And although the average amount of money held in a 401(k) retirement account [...]

Central banks keep buying gold

Central Bank Gold Purchases Pushing Ever Higher

When it comes to assessing the actions of central banks, it’s important to pay more attention to what they’re doing rather than what they’re saying. When the Fed says that it’s going to stop running down its balance sheet, look at the H.4.1 release each week to see if that’s actually the case. And when central banks say that you can trust their currencies and that there’s no reason to invest in gold to protect against inflation, look at [...]