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saving money

If Millennials Don’t Start Saving, They Could Become the Lost Generation

The millennial generation has become the largest generational cohort in the United States. Much ink has been spilled trying to analyze millennials and their behavior. While many of the characterizations of millennials tend to focus on personality traits and work ethic, there’s no question that millennials are vastly different from generations that preceded them. They aren’t making as much money as previous generations, are reaching major milestones such as marriage, child-bearing, and home-buying at much later ages, and aren’t saving [...]

federal reserve

Central Banks Are the Elephant in the Room That Everyone Neglects

Monetary policy is one of those topics that only a handful of people ever devote much time to studying. Most people ignore central banks during good times and beg them to intervene during bad times. During the worst part of the financial crisis Wall Street clamored for more assistance from the Federal Reserve. They got that assistance in spades, with trillions of dollars of new money flooding the economy. Now that things seem to have gotten better, and stock [...]

credit card

Credit Card Delinquencies Continue to Rise: An Ominous Omen?

In what could be an ominous sign indicating a deterioration of the financial health of American households, levels of credit card debt have risen over the past year, with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York noting that the “flow into 90+ day delinquency for credit card balances has been increasing notably for the last year.” That’s a piece of data that deserve further scrutiny, particularly if the delinquency rate continues to increase. With the Trump tax cuts having [...]

Monetary Policy Is the Key to Understanding the Business Cycle

No matter which way stock markets are moving, there are always people trying to understand why they go up or down, or which way they’ll move in the future. It can be tough to weed out the important commentary from the downright false, as many pundits have a vested interest in seeing markets move one way or another. But there’s really only one way to understand why markets crash, and that’s the Austrian theory of the business cycle. Austrian business [...]