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Corporate Debt Continues to Spiral Out of Control

The biggest bubble in the United States today is also the one that hardly anyone knows about, recognizes, or cares about. It’s well known that the response to any financial crisis is to take action to ensure that such a crisis doesn’t occur again. But that means that we’re always fighting the last war. So while the Federal Reserve and other federal regulators may have taken steps already to prevent another housing bubble from bringing the economy down, they’re [...]

Think You Can Count on a Pension? Not So Fast

To younger workers the idea of a pension hearkens back to days gone by, when employees spent their entire career with a single company from first hire to retirement. In the modern workplace, with workers ready to jump from company to company in search of better pay or benefits, the idea of a pension seems almost antiquated. And with the development of 401(k) programs that have allowed workers to save up for their own retirement, many may not feel [...]

Latest Job Market Numbers Show the Economy Is Slowing

With an intensifying trade war with China, volatility in stock markets, and a yield curve that inverted months ago, all the signs are there that the economy is on rocky footing and heading towards a recession in the near future. But despite all those negative signs, many market analysts continue to point to the job market as a sign that the economy is still healthy. With job growth continuing and more job openings than job seekers, many economists think [...]

Hopes Fading for a China Trade Deal

Every week seems to bring new news that dampens hopes for a resolution to the trade war with China. With President Trump blacklisting more Chinese technology firms due to alleged human rights abuses, China is bound to hit back soon. The country has already reacted to a single tweet by the Houston Rockets’ general manager by cutting back its ties with the NBA, something that stands to cost the basketball league millions. And with a Chinese delegation due to [...]