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federal reserve

The Fed Continues to See No Problem With Inflation

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans made headlines recently with his comments about higher inflation not being a problem. While the Fed has set a target of 2% for price inflation, and worried for years that inflation was lower than that figure, recent data indicates that inflation is trending higher and will continue to rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consumer price index (CPI) reached 2.9% year-on-year in July, while the producer price index (PPI) reached 3.3%. [...]

housing market

Housing Market Continues to Confound Experts

Housing prices throughout the United States continue to rise, with recent data showing that prices increased nearly 7% from a year ago. That’s the fourteenth consecutive month of price increases, an incredible run. And while that will eventually have to come to an end, when will that happen? For more and more Americans who want to buy houses, the rising cost of housing is keeping them from being able to live the American dream. A combination of rising house prices [...]


Tech Stocks Have Become the Darlings of Investors, But Beware Dotcom 2.0

Investors aren’t really any different than any other human being. They, like many others, enjoy new, shiny things. In a field in which you constantly have to reassess your investment aims, your investment performance, and your investment portfolio, there is always strong pressure to shake things up, invest in new and different assets, and try something that’s groundbreaking. Tech stocks have filled that niche for the past several years, as investors have shaken off their wariness in the aftermath of [...]


Federal Debt Problem Continues to Worsen: That’s Bad News for the Future

You would think that with a national debt over $21 trillion and continuing to climb every day that the federal government would get serious about cutting back on spending sometime, but oh no. More and more we hear from Washington that the government isn’t spending enough. We need to spend more to to defend against the threat from North Korea, to support farmers and manufacturers, or to build yet more infrastructure rather than repair what already exists. That’s why [...]