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China is buying more gold

Chinese Government Joins the Global Gold Buying Spree

Venezuela is trying to sell its gold while Russia and Europe are buying. Overall, central banks added over 651 tonnes of gold to their coffers in 2018, more than any other year since 1971, the year the gold window closed. Flying under the radar, however, is China, which has started adding gold to its reserves in greater quantities this year. China’s official gold holdings are shrouded in mystery, as most people suspect that its official holdings, published at over 1,800 [...]

Soaking the rich won't work

The Taxes That Soak the Rich Will Eventually Trickle Down

With the Democratic takeover of Congress calls have come for new taxes on income and wealth. From calls to raise the highest tax bracket to 70% on the ultra-rich to proposals for an annual wealth tax on the wealthy, ideas abound for ways to soak the rich and get more money for various government programs and projects. On the one hand, it isn’t surprising that the rich are coming in for such abuse. Envy of the ultra-rich has always existed, [...]

Italy looks at gold reserves

Italy the Latest Country to Target Its Gold Reserves

With much of the world focused on the political crisis in Venezuela and the Maduro regime’s attempts to get its gold back, the worsening political climate in Europe has been relegated largely to the back burner. But with Italy in the midst of both internal and external political turmoil, it could play a role in an expanding crisis within the eurozone. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has called for the Italian state to clarify control of Italy’s gold reserves, making [...]

Gold is money

Furor Over Venezuela’s Gold Sales Demonstrates That Gold Is Still Money

While much of the attention over the attempt to force Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro out of office has focused on Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, less attention has been paid to Maduro’s attempts to sell off Venezuela’s gold. Just over two years into a hyperinflationary crisis created by Maduro’s unlimited printing of money, Maduro is desperate for any cash he can get his hands on. That’s why he’s resorted to trying to repatriate Venezuelan gold at the Bank of England and [...]