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Ignore the sirens

Ignore the Siren Song of the Stock Market Bulls: Markets Will Crash

Stock market crashes are easy to see in hindsight, but they’re very difficult to see while they’re occurring. Too many people assume that a stock market crash will manifest itself as a Black Monday or Black Tuesday type of event, with a 10% or 20% loss in a single day. In reality, stock market crashes take far longer to occur. During the last financial crisis stock markets peaked in October 2007, then began a slow decline through 2008 before major [...]

Arizona gold stabilization fund

State-Level Gold Reserve Proposal in Arizona Could Boost Demand for Gold

With the prospect of sound fiscal policies at the federal level becoming increasingly unlikely, state-level proposals in the United States are where fiscally-minded conservatives are beginning to focus more and more of their efforts. Increasingly those efforts are taking the form of pushing state government to secure their assets by investing in gold and silver. Following the establishment of the Texas Bullion Depository that opened for business in 2018, Arizona is looking to follow in those footsteps. Arizona has a Budget [...]

The Fed has caved to stock markets

The Fed Is Being Held Hostage

Last week’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting made it clear that the Federal Reserve has caved to pressure to bring its gradual tightening of monetary policy to an early and unplanned halt. Between pressure from President Trump and pressure from markets who want to see the stock market bull run continue for several more years, the Fed’s decision-making is being held hostage. That’s not good for the economy, nor is it good for investors. With comments stating that it [...]

Gold price set to break out

Top Gold Analysts See 25% Gains for Gold in 2019

Gold’s ability to act as a safe haven asset is unparalleled. Experienced investors have known about that for centuries, which is why gold has always performed so well during times of economic crisis. During the 2007-2009 stock market crash stock markets lost over 50% of their value, while gold gained 25% and continued to rise. A repeat of that performance is highly likely in 2019 and beyond. Demand for gold has already begun to increase this year as a whole [...]

Russia bought a lot of gold in 2018

Central Bank Gold Buying at Highest Level in Half a Century

It’s no secret that central banks hate gold. If they could press a button and destroy every last grain of gold that has ever been produced, they would do it. Gold has always been the ultimate restraint on the ability of governments and central banks to create money out of thin air ad infinitum. Even destroying the gold standard, closing the gold window, and moving to a system of floating fiat currencies couldn’t dull the appeal of gold to [...]

Make your portfolio impervious to recession

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Recession-Proof?

While the government shutdown may now be over, its effects will likely still linger for a while. But one thing the shutdown really brought to the fore is the fact that many American households will be unprepared for the next recession. We found out that many government employees weren’t prepared for missing even a single paycheck, and many more would have been in dire straits after missing two paychecks. And while government employees aren’t likely to be laid off [...]

Bitcoin investors buying more gold

CNBC: More and More Bitcoin Investors Moving Away From Cryptocurrencies and Into Gold

There’s no denying that 2018 was the year of cryptocurrencies. Fresh off a $20,000 high, cryptocurrency enthusiasts had no doubt that Bitcoin would continue to soar. New products such as Bitcoin futures began to be offered, promising to revolutionize the financial world. Alas, those hopes were a little premature. While Bitcoin’s price is still twice as high as it was just two years ago, hopes for a quick revolution have faded. In fact, most Bitcoin investors are now planning [...]

Federal spending isn't slowing down

Not Even a Government Shutdown Can Stem the Tide of Federal Spending

The federal government reopened this week after the longest shutdown ever. But while most Americans saw national parks and federal museums shuttered and assumed that the rest of the government was closed in a similar manner, that wasn’t really the case. In fact, despite the hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed or made to work without pay during the shutdown, federal government spending only decreased by 7 percent. That’s a slowdown, not a shutdown. That highlights not only [...]

Palladium is worth more than gold for now

Palladium May Be the Most Valuable Precious Metal, But Gold and Silver Still Outshine It

If someone had told you last August that palladium would one day be more valuable than gold, you probably would have laughed out loud. Yet here we are, with palladium just barely edging out gold as the world’s most valuable precious metal. From a low of $845 last August palladium has been on a tear in recent months, currently sitting at around $1,335 per ounce. Palladium’s major industrial use is in automobile catalytic converters, with automotive demand responsible for about [...]

The shutdown's effects on recession

Will the Government Shutdown Lead to a Recession?

There’s been a lot of talk about how the government shutdown is harming the economy, with millions of dollars of losses piling up each day. The longer the shutdown lasts, the worse it is for the economy according to this point of view. But is that really true? There are undoubtedly many companies that have been negatively affected due to the shutdown. Among those are companies that do a great deal of business with the government or whose customers are [...]