pension cuts

Pension Cuts Put Focus on Other Saving Methods

Your pension is a vital part of your long-term planning, and it’s essential that you take into account accurate forecasts. Pension benefits for some individuals have been recently cut in a trend that seems to be impacting numerous organizations across the nation. This poses worrying problems for those who have relied on company or public pensions to supplement their income when they retire, and it illustrates the dangers of relying too heavily on any one income or investment stream.

obamacare retirement

How a Repeal of Obamacare Could Affect Those in Early Retirement

Much has been said of the latest proposed amendments to the Affordable Care Act, with most media focused on middle and low-income earners. If it is repealed in whole or in part, it could affect the retirement plans of individuals at all income levels, especially for those who have to retire early and haven’t planned for it.