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Save Like You’re Retiring Early, Even If You’re Not

The financial press seems to be full of stories of those who have retired early. It’s easy to get jealous when we hear stories of those who have retired in their 30s and who plan on never holding a full-time job again. In many cases when you dig deeper you find that these are people who held nice six-figure jobs, enjoyed generous employer-sponsored 401(k) packages, and who aren’t burdened by expenses that most other people face such as houses [...]

Gold and silver coins

Gold or Silver? Why Not Both?

When women decide on the jewelry they wear for an evening out, they’re going to pick between gold or silver. But investors don’t have to choose one or the other, they can choose both. Each precious metal has its own advantages vis-a-vis the other, so here are a few of them that are most important to investors. Silver Is Cheaper For many investors who may just be starting out, the fact that silver is cheaper is a big draw. The $1,300 [...]

Fed Chairman Jay Powell

Fed Chairman’s Testimony Confirms That More Monetary Easing Is On the Way

For those who continue to hope for a return to economic normalcy, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony last week was bitterly disappointing. Anyone hoping for an end to accommodative monetary policy and a return to market-determined prices for assets has much longer to wait. The Fed has barely run off a little more than ten percent of its over-bloated balance sheet and it is already talking about throwing in the towel. The balance sheet is still hovering at around $4 [...]

Warren Buffett is wrong on gold

Warren Buffett Continues to Be Wrong on Gold

Most investors know that Warren Buffett isn’t a fan of gold. He has long derided the yellow metal as a bunch of rocks that sit in a vault and don’t do anything. Of course, when stocks are plummeting and losing half of their value there’s nothing investors want more than something that does nothing but sit in a vault and retain it’s value, but we’ll get to that later. Buffett loves to compare gold to stocks, particularly over a very [...]

Money for nothing

Something for Nothing? Not Really

One of the common complaints we hear about American society today is that nobody wants to work hard for anything. Everyone wants to be able to get a six-figure job without having to have any talent or ability, and wants to be able to make lots of money without having to put in any work. People play the lottery to try to get rich quick, spending thousands of dollars in the hope of making it onto easy street. Young [...]

Social Security may not be salvageable

Latest Proposal to Save Social Security Doesn’t Mean You Can Rely On It for Retirement

By now it’s no secret that Social Security is in dire straits. According to the latest Social Security Trustees Report, Social Security taxes have long been unable to pay for Social Security benefits. Only because of interest gained on Social Security’s trust fund has the system been able to keep paying benefits without dipping into the trust fund. Now that has changed too, so that Social Security tax receipts and interest from the trust fund are no longer sufficient [...]

Silver is rising in price

Gold Isn’t the Only Metal Jumping, Silver Is Hot Too

With so much focus on gold, silver often gets little notice. But the white metal, often known as “poor man’s gold,” has caught fire this year. Purchases of American Silver Eagle coins this year are up nearly 50%, with over 6 million coins having been purchased so far. In fact, sales are so brisk that the US Mint has had to temporarily suspend sales of the coins until they can build up their inventories again. It might be several [...]

Foreigners are dumping Treasuries

Foreigners Dumping Treasuries Is Bad News for the Dollar

For decades the United States has benefited from the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. That has allowed the Federal Reserve System to inflate the money supply and the federal government to issue debt at levels they otherwise would not have been able to get away with. With a ready market for US Treasury debt, foreign nations have long propped up the US government’s runaway spending. But if they start to get tired of subsidizing the United States’ profligate [...]

Gold is rising in price

Gold Continues to Rise Along With Stocks

Traditionally gold and stocks are thought have an inverse price relationship. When stocks rise gold falls, and vice versa. That isn’t always the case, just a rule of thumb. And in general the relationship pertains more to bull markets. When stocks are in a bull market gold is not, and when gold is in a bull market stocks are not. But this year both stocks and gold have gained in value. Why is that? Gold’s performance this year has already [...]

Stock markets are still in the black this year

Why Are Stocks Climbing as Economic Conditions Deteriorate?

The performance of stock markets in the first several weeks of 2019 has been nothing short of astonishing. After a horrendous fourth quarter in 2018 that was the worst since the Great Depression, markets rebounded to have their best January in 30 years. That has some market pundits crowing about how well markets will do this year. Some even claim that if markets continue to gain in February that it’s almost certain that we’ll see double digit returns this [...]