Chinese Consumer Demand for Gold Up Almost 10 Percent Last Year

While India may be one of the world’s largest holders of gold, with Indian citizens holding an estimated 24,000 tonnes of gold, other countries are catching up. China is one of those, with an increasingly affluent middle class looking for ways to protect its wealth. While stories abound of Chinese looking to store their wealth abroad through purchases of real estate, there are many Chinese who continue to store their wealth in China. And increasingly those Chinese are looking [...]


Gold Demand Surges in India

One of the vitally important markets in gold is the Indian gold market. Gold has a long and storied history in India, being a fundamental part of Indian religious life from temple offerings to wedding gifts. Many Indian families hold a significant part of their wealth in the form of gold, mostly in jewelry. Some Indian temples that have received donations of gold for centuries are estimated to be sitting on billions of dollars worth of gold. In fact, [...]