Author - James Cordelaine

gold inflation retirement savings

How Gold Combats the Effects of Inflation on Retirement Savings

Our economy has a problem. In fact, it has a number of problems, but one in particular. Inflation is increasing significantly faster than income for most people. Therefore, even if you’ve gotten a cost of living increase, chances are your paycheck today doesn’t go nearly as far as it did a few years ago. That also means if you’ve been paying the same amount into your IRA/401(k) over that time, that’s not going to go as far either. Understanding Inflation When [...]


What a Trump Victory Means for Our Country

Last night, the nation sat on pins and needles as the results of the election slowly trickled in. Half the nation cheered in victory, while the other half looked on in terror, as Donald Trump pulled further and further ahead of Hillary Clinton. Regardless of how you voted or your opinions on the outcome, this is what our nation has in store for us: at least four years of the “Washington outsider.” So what does this mean, for our country, [...]