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China Continues to Buy Gold But Clamps Down on Private Sales

The Chinese government continues to add to its gold reserves, with over 100 tonnes added to its reserves over the past nine months. Those purchases show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and with a heightening trade war with the US, expect those purchases to continue well into the future. But while the government continues to add to its war chest, it is trying to restrict individual purchasers from buying gold. The Chinese government exercises strong control over the [...]

Investors could get left holding the bag when the music stops

This One Group Is Driving Stock Market Prices, and It’s Not Mainstream Investors

One of the most perplexing things about stock markets today is that, while most people understand that they’re bound for a correction some point soon, they continue to keep climbing near their all-time highest levels. That’s despite all the pessimism surrounding the trade war with China, the worsening business climate, and an overall gut feeling in millions of investors that something bad is about to happen, and soon. So why aren’t stock markets reflecting that investor sentiment? The reason is [...]


The Safest Way to Invest Your Money Today

Risk is an aspect of life that just can’t be overcome. No matter what you do or where you go, you’re always going to have to deal with risk. Nowhere is that more obvious than when it comes to investing your money. Part of investing is dealing with the risk that you may lose some of the money that you’ve invested. It’s a worrying thought for many investors, and one that many may not want to think about. Many investors [...]


How Robo-Trading Could Destroy Your Retirement Savings

When looking at their investment portfolios, most investors just look at headline numbers. They’re more interested in how the stocks in their portfolios are performing rather than why they’re performing that way, or how those stocks are traded. But the way that stocks are traded today behind the scenes is very important, and it has changed significantly over the past couple of decades. More importantly, those changes could have severe negative repercussions for investors who fail to understand those [...]


Retirement Investing 101: How to Invest for Retirement

The idea of retirement is one that most Americans dream of. But the reality of actually planning for retirement can be a daunting one. From setting up retirement accounts to dealing with tax issues, planning for your post-work life can take up huge amounts of time and energy. Maybe that’s a reason so many Americans put off planning and saving for retirement. But retirement investing doesn’t have to be that difficult. Most importantly, the earlier you start, the better. Building [...]


Is the US Government Set to Issue Century-Long Bonds?

Record-low interest rates over the past decade have spurred a huge amount of new debt issuance. From the federal government to major corporations to American households, American indebtedness continues to climb. And now it’s beginning to reach another level of absurdity as the Treasury Department has announced that it is looking into the possibility of issuing 50-year and 100-year Treasury securities. Who would buy securities with such a long maturity? The federal government is in absolutely atrocious financial condition, with [...]


The Real Cost of Government Debt: How Will It Affect Your Retirement?

It’s no secret that the United States government is in terrible financial shape. The national debt stands right now at $22.5 trillion, and most forecasts for future debt growth expect federal deficits to continue adding about $1 trillion per year to that total. But there’s a pretty ominous tipping point that’s coming up really soon that could cause that debt to spiral even further out of control. One of the reasons the federal government has been able to take on [...]


Yield Curve Inversion Signals Recession on the Horizon

One of the signs that many market analysts look for to evaluate the chances of recession is an inverted yield curve. The yield curve is created by graphing the interest rates of Treasury securities. Normally the slope curves upwards, as yields increase for the longer maturity Treasuries. But during times of market turmoil and recession fear, the yields on short-term Treasuries will often exceed those of long-term Treasuries, throwing the slope of the curve off. You can even graph [...]


Powell’s Jackson Hole Speech Should Be a Warning to Investors

Fed Chairman Jay Powell’s speech at this year’s Jackson Hole monetary policy summit should serve as a major warning to investors. Powell pledged that the Fed would “do what monetary policy can do to sustain the expansion,” an indicator that the Fed intends to double down on its previous policy mistakes and is set to unleash even more monetary stimulus if it deems that to be necessary. A large part of the Fed’s inability to see what it going on [...]

investors considering what to invest in

What Should I Invest In? The Expert’s Guide

The decision about what to invest in is perhaps the hardest decision that most investors make. The right decision can result in amazing asset growth and a comfortable retirement, while the wrong decision can lead to lackluster growth and even asset losses. Making the decision about what to invest in is a daunting one. But as difficult as it may seem, sticking to a few general principles can make your investment decisions much less difficult. Whether you decide to invest [...]