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Just How Flawed Are the Government’s Social Security Projections?

For decades, American retirees have come to depend on Social Security for at least a part of their retirement income. While many retirees have made their own retirement plans and only rely on Social Security for supplemental income, many have planned for Social Security to make up the bulk of their retirement income. That was never the intent of the Social Security System, as it was intended merely to provide a stopgap so that those who entered retirement wouldn’t be [...]

What is a rollover IRA

What Is a Rollover IRA?

A rollover IRA is an individual retirement account (IRA) that is funded by moving funds from a 401(k), 403(b), TSP, or similar retirement account into an IRA. By rolling over existing retirement funds into a rollover IRA, investors can use existing retirement funds to take advantage of a broader range of investments than are available through 401(k) investments alone. Rollover IRAs are most often created when changing jobs or retiring, as they allow employees to move their current 401(k) or [...]


Is the “Independent” Federal Reserve Trying to Sink President Trump?

For decades the Federal Reserve System has tried to resist every attempt at greater transparency and heightened Congressional oversight by claiming that it is “independent.” If Congress were to take a closer look at what the Fed is doing, the Fed avers, it would jeopardize the Fed’s ability to operate effectively and would unnecessarily and inappropriately politicize monetary policy. Yet now we have former New York Fed President Bill Dudley publicly recommending that Fed Chairman Jay Powell take action [...]


Investor Interest in Silver Rising

Silver has long languished in gold’s shadows, with the white metal playing second fiddle to gold. Gold is unique in its color, its density, and the physical properties that make it the ideal money. Silver tarnishes and has to be maintained, and its color and shine are often imitated and replicated by nickel, stainless steel, and other base metals. But for investors who understand precious metals markets, silver can’t be duplicated. Silver’s ability to protect investor assets is on a [...]


Heightening Trade War Risks Sinking the Economy

By now even the most optimistic traders on Wall Street have had to resign themselves to the fact that the trade war with China won’t abate anytime soon. Far from a quick resolution, it seems that every month brings yet more news of increased escalation. Last week it was President Trump’s decision to raise the existing tariff rates on Chinese imports, news that sent stock exchanges tumbling. Trump’s move came as a response to China’s retaliatory tariffs on US goods, [...]


Gold and Silver Continue to Soar

We’re not even two-thirds of the way through the year and gold and silver have already taken out the price targets that Wall Street analysts set for them at the beginning of the year. Back in January the analyst average for gold was a little over $1,300 an ounce and the average for silver was a little over $16 an ounce. Even the most bullish gold analysts saw gold topping out at $1,475. Yet just last week gold broke [...]


How Could the Next Market Crash Occur?

Business cycles are funny things. No one realizes that the top of the market has been reached until months after the decline has already started. And no one realizes the bottom has been reached until months into the recovery. That’s why so many financial advisers recommend against trying to time markets. You just can’t ever tell for sure whether the next big drop in markets is a momentary blip or the start of a trend, or whether the next [...]

gold IRA rollover guide

Gold IRA Rollover: A Complete Guide

During times of political and economic uncertainty, investors flock to the safe haven of gold. Gold, unlike any other asset, has stood the test of time. It maintains its value day in and day out, oblivious to the goings-on of the world around it. Many investors trust gold as a hedge against difficult economic times and seek to hold a portion of their portfolio in gold. Whether it’s buying a handful of gold coins to use as currency in a [...]