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IPOs will be forgotten but gold will remain

Stock IPOs May Dazzle Now, But Gold Will Never Lose Its Shine

Stock markets have been agog with expectations about big initial public offerings (IPOs). Ride-sharing service Lyft recently offered its first public offerings of stock last Friday, offering shares at $72 apiece. The first trades on Nasdaq began at $87.25, but Lyft quickly crashed downwards, falling below $70 on Monday. That’s a worrying sign for other tech companies planning their own IPOs, including Uber, Pinterest, and Zoom. It’s understandable that there’s a great deal of interest in these companies’ IPOs, as [...]


Pressure on Fed to Ease Is Good News for Gold Price

White House economics adviser Larry Kudlow caused some raised eyebrows last Friday with his call for the Fed to immediately cut its target federal funds rate by 50 basis points. According to Kudlow, the Fed never should have raised interest rates above 2%. Despite protestations that the economy is fundamentally healthy, the call for an immediate interest rate belies that view. Ultimately this call for lower interest rates comes from fear that the economy is weakening and on the [...]


Disappointing Housing Market Continues to Point the Way Towards Recession

Every month seems to bring conflicting data from the housing market, with occasional bits of rosy data eventually overwhelmed by negative data. It’s no secret that houses across the country are incredibly expensive. It’s not even just the large metro areas such as San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC that are affected either. Even interior states such as Indiana, Utah, and Oklahoma are seeing expensive new homes popping up all over the place. That was the intent of the [...]