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Gold continues to outperform stocks

Forbes Says Gold Has Outperformed Stock Markets And Will Continue to Outperform in 2019

Written by Frank Holmes & originally published Jan 3, 2019 on The mainstream media is finally coming around to figuring out what we’ve known for years: that gold is a superior investment to stocks. A recent article in Forbes underscores the case for gold, stating that the yellow metal looks to be a solid bet for investors looking for improved portfolio performance in 2019. In the month of December gold outperformed the S&P 500 Index by over 15%, booking a nearly [...]

Gold's price continues to rise

Fox News: Gold Hits Multi-Month Highs as Stocks Slide

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that gold is rising in price as stocks are sliding. Gold investors have known for years that gold prices often rise when stock prices fall, as mainstream investors who spurn gold during boom times flock to the yellow metal when market conditions begin to deteriorate. Now gold’s performance is starting to catch the attention of the mainstream media, as Fox Business has picked up on gold hitting highs that haven’t been seen [...]

Will the Fed hike rates in 2019?

Will the Fed Keep Hiking Rates in 2019 or Not?

As 2019 begins, many market observers will be watching the Federal Reserve carefully for signs of a change in monetary policy. Markets had been hopeful that the Fed wasn’t going to raise rates in December, but it stuck to its guns. The reaction, predictably, was a huge fall in stock markets. But with the Fed seeming to indicate that it might only hike rates twice more in 2019, to get the federal funds rate to around 3.0%, markets are [...]