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Gold demand in the UK is rising

Forbes Says Political Uncertainty in Britain Driving Gold Price, Sales Up

Original article written by Heather Farmbrough and published on on January 16, 2019. One of the reasons gold is so highly recommended as an asset is because of its international appeal. Investors around the world flock to gold as a safe haven asset, which provides a constant prop to gold’s price. Now that the UK is potentially going to exercise its right to leave the EU, gold demand in Britain is skyrocketing. Thanks to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, one popular online [...]

An independent Fed is dangerous

The Dangers of an Independent Federal Reserve System

While Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is widely regarded by markets as having caved in to President Trump and having agreed to tone down the Fed’s rate hikes in 2019, some of his other statements have been less well publicized. Among them was his assertion that he would not step down from his position if asked by the President. That’s a dangerous sign of a Federal Reserve System that sees itself as unaccountable to anyone but itself. It’s important to [...]

Gold price will soar in 2019

Forbes: Gold “Set to Soar” in 2019

Original article written by Frank Holmes and published January 14, 2019 on One of the reasons we recommend gold as an investment in times of financial turmoil is because of its countercyclical nature – gold tends to gain in value when stocks lose value. Only now that stock markets are starting to show signs of weakness is the mainstream media finally picking up on that. More and more analysts are starting to come out of the woodwork and project major [...]

Tax refunds may be delayed

Tax Refunds Will Still Go Out, But Expect to Wait

When the federal government “shut down” several weeks ago, many taxpayers wondered whether they were still going to receive tax refunds this year. It goes without saying, of course, that even with a shutdown we still have to continue paying our taxes. Thankfully the tax refund situation has been clarified, so taxpayers can still expect to receive their refunds although there will undoubtedly be delays. Depending on how you file and how you choose to receive your refund, you [...]

The pros and cons of dividend investing

Is Dividend Investing All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

When most people think of dividend investing they think of blue-haired old ladies who bought stock in GE, GM, or 3M back when those companies were better known as General Electric, General Motors, and Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. It’s a conservative approach to investing and wealth creation that has largely gone overlooked over the past 20 years as the dotcom bubble, the housing bubble, and Dotcom 2.0 got investors thinking that they could get rich quick. Now that stock [...]

The yuan will replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency

Bank of England Shocker: Chinese Yuan to Replace US Dollar as World Reserve Currency

We’ve been saying for years that the US dollar will eventually be replaced as the world’s reserve currency. But it’s only now that world financial authorities are admitting the obvious. With the dollar having lost 85% of its value since the gold window was closed in 1971, it continues to lose purchasing power year after year as the Federal Reserve continues to create trillions of dollars worth of new money. While the Fed remains adamant that the dollar won’t be [...]

Jerome Powell and Donald Trump

Is Jerome Powell the Secret to a Strong Stock Market?

Last Friday the Dow Jones rebounded from a horrendous Thursday session to notch a nearly 750-point gain. The reason for that? As with previous rallies over the past few months, it was comments made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome “Jay” Powell. Powell, who has come under significant pressure from President Trump recently to pause the Fed’s rate hikes or even to start cutting rates again, made some more comments that were perceived to be dovish. Among those were comments [...]

Gold is a great safe haven investment

HSBC: Safe Haven Buying Will Boost Gold Price in 2019

Original article written by Ben Kilbey and published at S&P Global on January 8, 2019. It seems that many investors are finally wising up to what we’ve been saying all along about gold’s performance as a safe haven investment. With many investors concerned about stock market performance this year, gold is set to see increased demand and higher prices. James Steel, chief precious metals analyst at global megabank HSBC recently raised his estimate of gold’s average price to $1,314 per [...]

Are you ready for 2019?

Are You Prepared for the New Year?

With a new year just about upon us it’s time for investors to take stock and make sure that they’re prepared for what 2019 brings. 2018 started off with a bang but ended on a sour note for many investors, particularly those who remained heavily invested in equity markets. And as much as many market bulls want to believe that stock markets have bottomed out, the odds are definitely not in their favor. Hopefully most investors have finished up their [...]

New Year's resolutions for investors

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Investors

A new year means a new start in many ways for investors. Most investors would probably hope to forget about 2018 which, after a tremendous start, ended the year with most assets in the red. Those who bought heavily into stock markets in the hopes that the bull market would continue its magnificent run were sorely disappointed by the year’s end. And with 2019 getting off to a rough start, investors are probably interested in making some new resolutions [...]