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Chinese Government Accelerating Its Rate of Gold Purchases

By now most people are aware that one of the major factors behind increasing gold demand around the world is increased demand from governments and central banks. Rather than being net sellers of gold like they were 10-20 years ago, central banks have become net buyers of gold, with demand from central banks increasing to near-record levels over the past couple of years. That trend is showing no signs of decreasing this year, as central banks continue to add [...]


Is Gold a Good Investment for You? 6 Indicators to Help You Choose

The only way to guarantee a sound financial future for yourself and your loved ones is to save and invest. Only through disciplined saving and smart investment choices can you put your money to work for you to build your wealth and ensure financial security. But with thousands of possible investment choices out there, how can anyone determine what to invest in? One of the keys to sound investment is a properly diversified portfolio. The exact makeup of that portfolio [...]


CNBC: Wall Street’s “Bond King” Is Getting Bullish on Gold

There are many reasons for people to invest in gold, and those with the money to treat Wall Street like their personal casino certainly have different reasons than most of us ordinary investors. But just because their reasoning may be a little different than ours doesn’t mean their conclusions aren’t the same or that their reasoning is incorrect. Take the case of “bond king” Jeffrey Gundlach, for instance. The billionaire bond trader has stated that he will be long on [...]


Why Now Is the Right Time to Buy Gold

If you’re saving and investing, it’s probably for a reason. For most people that means saving for retirement. And that requires a long time horizon and a great deal of discipline. It also leads to a great deal of uncertainty, as the 30-40 years or more of saving and investing will almost necessarily mean that investors will have to face at least two or more recessions. While it can be tempting to think that you can just put your money [...]


Chinese Consumer Demand for Gold Up Almost 10 Percent Last Year

While India may be one of the world’s largest holders of gold, with Indian citizens holding an estimated 24,000 tonnes of gold, other countries are catching up. China is one of those, with an increasingly affluent middle class looking for ways to protect its wealth. While stories abound of Chinese looking to store their wealth abroad through purchases of real estate, there are many Chinese who continue to store their wealth in China. And increasingly those Chinese are looking [...]