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How good is the latest jobs report?

Latest Jobs Report: The Last Hurrah for the US Economy?

The latest jobs report was heralded by mainstream media as another indication that the US economy is humming along just fine. The consensus estimate of 190,000-200,000 jobs added was blown away by the actual 250,000 jobs reported. The unemployment rate is now at 3.7%, and wages increased year-on-year at over 3% for the first time since 2009. But looking behind those headline numbers, is the economy really on sound footing? Tackling the wage issue first, we see that the reason [...]

How to save your retirement

How to Destroy Your Dreams of Retirement

Planning for retirement isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be horribly difficult either. Hard work and dedication can make just about anyone’s retirement dreams come true. Despite that, many Americans hamstring themselves when it comes to saving for retirement. From not saving early enough to spending too much money while they’re working, they fail to do what they need to in order to retire comfortably. Here are the top three reasons many Americans, intentionally or not, sabotage their [...]