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Early retirement may not be for everyone

Early Retirement Is All the Rage, But Is It the Right Choice for Everyone?

Read any financial news site today and it will be full of accounts of people who worked hard to retire early. Whereas most Americans hope to retire around 65 and think of retiring at 50 as retiring early, some of these accounts feature people who have retired as early as 35. It’s pretty impressive to think that people have the ability to do that, and it can leave those of us still in the workplace feeling just a little [...]


Avoid Making These 5 Retirement Planning Mistakes

Retirement planning is one of those things that is necessary for everyone to do, but that everyone hates actually having to do. The myriad options available in terms of investment assets, the multiple firms competing for your business, and the knowledge that making a mistake could costs you thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money puts so much pressure on people that many just want to put off retirement planning as long as they can. That can be problematic, [...]