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Foreign Policy Foibles Will Continue to Weigh on Markets

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question everyone is asking about the nuclear summit between the United States and North Korea. Will President Trump pull the plug on the summit, or will it go ahead as scheduled? With all the back and forth, no one seems to know for sure. And that uncertainty has weighed on stock markets, erasing recent gains and getting investors nervous once again about conflict on the Korean peninsula. While there’s always uncertainty in markets, [...]

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Markets Are Waiting… Now Is the Time for Action

After an amazing two-year run in which stock markets gained 60% in value, the past three months have seen stocks take a long hiatus. With the Dow trading mostly in the 24-25,000 point range, markets are largely waiting to see what direction the economy will take. On the positive side, the Trump tax cuts have put billions of dollars into the pockets of both American consumers and American businesses. And with an official unemployment rate under 4%, the headline numbers [...]


Egyptian Billionaire Puts Half His Net Worth Into Gold

Many investment advisers take a dim view of investing in gold. They’ll try to push their clients into stocks and bonds, CDs, and various other financial investments. If gold even gets a mention, it might get a recommendation to make up about 3-5% of an investor’s portfolio. Even billionaires like Warren Buffet denigrate the importance of gold, which is why hearing about the super-rich investing in gold always makes the news. Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris made headlines earlier this month [...]

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Warren Buffett Is Completely Wrong on Gold

Every year the financial media await the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, relishing the opportunity to run interviews with Warren Buffett. Buffett didn’t disappoint this year, speaking freely about his thoughts on a number of issues. Among them was the idea of gold as an investment, which Buffett rejected. The media reported his statements on gold with not even a fraction of the fact-checking they engage in with President Trump’s statements. That’s inexcusable in this instance, because Buffett is [...]