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inflation rising

Rising Inflation and the Importance of Gold

The government’s official inflation figures surged in January, with the producer price index (PPI) rising by 0.4% and the consumer price index (CPI) rising by 0.5%. If those trends continue throughout the year, that could be dangerous for consumers and investors. Combined with newfound uncertainty in stock markets, it makes it all the more important for investors to keep an eye on financial markets and protect their investments. The members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) have complained for [...]

home retirement asset

Is A House Really A Retirement Asset?

Many American households have their wealth tied up in their houses. For many Americans across all different income levels, the value of their houses exceeds the value of all their other financial assets. There is also a history in the United States of home ownership being recommended as a sure way of becoming wealthy, or at least financially comfortable. But in this day and age, should you really rely on a house as a retirement asset? Gains Are Not Guaranteed The [...]

stock market correction

Stock Market Correction Is A Warning

The stock market correction of the past couple of weeks is a warning to investors that equities are fundamentally overvalued. The euphoria that had infested markets in recent months was reminiscent of the dotcom bubble, especially since the major stocks pushing indexes higher are tech stocks such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. While stock markets are rebounding to begin the week, investors need to take the correction as a warning that an even larger correction is on the way. The [...]


Don’t Ignore Alan Greenspan

One of my foils while I served in Congress was Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. For many years while I served on the House Financial Services Committee I had the opportunity to question him during his semiannual testimony before Congress, and I never could get a straight answer from him. Greenspan was notorious for speaking in such a vague manner that he could technically satisfy the requirements of informing Congress while never really actually saying anything of substance that [...]