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The Push for Pensions Has Returned

Recent reports that Congress had considered significant reductions to 401(k) contributions have spurred calls from some quarters for a return to pension plans. But while much discussion of pensions paints them in a nostalgic light, the reality of pensions for most people is far less rosy. Yes, it would be nice to be able to retire and continue being paid a nice salary for the rest of our lives. But the reality of pensions is not nearly as simple [...]

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Amazon’s Second Headquarters: Another Sign of the Bubble?

Online retail giant Amazon announced a nationwide search for its second headquarters, looking to complement its existing headquarters in Seattle. The company is looking to locate its second headquarters in a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people, with close proximity to an international flight hub, good public transit, and the ability to attract a talented and educated workforce. Over 200 cities across the United States have submitted bids to the company in attempt to gain what they [...]

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Stock Markets Continue to Reach Records

Stock markets continued to reach record levels on Friday as investor sentiment was buoyed by reports that tax reform proposals had passed their first hurdle in the Senate. Investors also were cheered by reports that President Trump is leaning towards picking Federal Reserve Board Governor Jerome Powell as the next Chairman of the Fed’s Board of Governors. Markets undoubtedly hope that Powell will continue the easy money policies that were enacted by Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen. More easy [...]

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30 Years After Black Monday: Can It Happen Again?

Thirty years ago today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its largest single-day drop in history, losing 508 points, nearly 23% of its value. With the Dow currently hitting new records and standing at over 23,000 points, are we poised for a repeat of Black Monday? It seems as though stock market growth won’t ever end. It was only in February of 2016 that stock markets were dipping below 16,000 points. Now, at over 23,000 points, the Dow is up [...]

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It’s Never Been Easier to Save for Retirement

Most Americans understand that saving for retirement is important. Over the past several years, increased amounts of education and understanding have helped Americans save up more and more money for retirement. Total retirements assets have risen from $11.6 trillion in 2000 to nearly $27 trillion today. Thanks to the increased focus on the importance of retirement savings, the increased array of retirement savings options, and new techniques and strategies for investment, it has never been easier to save for [...]

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Americans Getting Comfortable With Debt Again

In another sign of the growing economic bubble, Moody’s has flagged growing debt levels among Americans as a rising risk for financial institutions. Households considered to have high debt levels are those whose debt ratio is greater than 40%. Those households in the lowest income quintile have the highest percentage of high debt burdens, with over 20% facing high debt. While most households have decreased their debt burdens in recent years, those are in the 80th to 90th percentile actually [...]


Nine Global Banking Giants Face Challenges to Profitability, IMF Says

The safety of global systemically important banks (GSIBs) has improved significantly since the Great Recession, according to the latest Global Financial Stability Report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued earlier this week. However, roughly a third of them, representing about $17 trillion in asset size, could “struggle to achieve sustainable profitability, underscoring ongoing challenges and medium-term vulnerabilities.” The IMF’s profitability threshold was 8 percent cost of equity. There were nine systemically significantly institutions identified whose 2019 profitability was projected [...]

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Tax Reform Could Benefit American Taxpayers and Investors

One of the Trump Administration’s most highly-awaited proposals is the one for tax reform. As with any reform proposal, the devil is in the details, but some of the first proposals sound good on their face. As anyone who has ever had to file taxes understands, the tax code is in serious need of reform. And while previous proposals may have had severe drawbacks, the latest proposal has many features that could end up benefiting taxpayers and investors. Eliminating Itemized [...]

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Most Informed Americans Don’t Want Fed Setting Interest Rates

Most Americans with an opinion on the subject think the free market should set interest rates, not the US Federal Reserve, according to a recent survey from the Cato Institute. “Unsurprisingly, a plurality (44 percent) of Americans have not thought much about whether Federal Reserve officials or the free-market system should primarily determine interest rates,” the report stated. “However, if we confine the analysis to those who have an opinion, 58 percent believe that free-market forces should determine interest [...]