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Monthly Archives - March 2017

obamacare retirement

How a Repeal of Obamacare Could Affect Those in Early Retirement

Much has been said of the latest proposed amendments to the Affordable Care Act, with most media focused on middle and low-income earners. If it is repealed in whole or in part, it could affect the retirement plans of individuals at all income levels, especially for those who have to retire early and haven’t planned for it.

federal reserve interest rates

The Fed Just Raised Interest Rates – Will Investors Be Affected?

When the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate to 0.75% in December, they projected another three rate hikes over the next year. The first of those has just been enacted in their March meeting, and the rate is now 1%, returning it for the first time to the level it was at before the 2008 economic crash. The move was not unexpected. Experts have been predicting it all year, and Fed Chair Janet Yellen made it clear in the weeks [...]


What Actually Causes a Recession?

Conventional wisdom in the aftermath of the Great Recession seems to be that the massive amounts of money pumped into the economy by various central banks — including the Fed — saved the world from global collapse. However, few can articulate why the recession occurred, although the subprime mortgage market certainly had an impact. This was just one factor, though.